Practice makes perfect

Today I attended a pretty good training in crisis management. I know from before that the conf center has good food to so I did not plan anything for dinner. I did however have some LCHF-coffee for breakfast.

The lunch was good but maybe not as good as I expected. For a starter we got a slice of nice salmon.

For main there was a buffet with three chooses. I tog some of them all. A couple of slices pork, a couple of slices of porter steak and a piece of cod (or similar white fish). The pork was a little bit dry but otherwise it was ok.

After quite a lot of food for lunch I did not feel like cooking dinner when I got home. For some reason I got an urge for olives so I opened a can and had them with some pre made chilli-bĂ©arnaise. To make it more interesting I ate them with chopsticks… I really needs to practice eating with chopsticks…

In front of the TV later in the evening I ate some cheese too.


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