Chicken and mushroooms

Today I was in a meeting all day and when the others went for lunch I went to my office to eat some small pieces of cheese (Baby Bel). This is quite normal for me since I don’t eat lunch very often.

After work I went for a walk and passed the store on my way home. I managed to you a lot of danish cheese and some chicken and mushrooms for dinner. To the chicken I got some pre made sauce béarnaise (this is almost the only pre made product I ever buy). The sauce had 2g carbs per 100g so its quite ok.

According to the tool I use todays food was:


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2 Responses to Chicken and mushroooms

  1. Linda R. says:

    Wow, Tommy, this looks soooo delicious! We’ll try it this week.

    • Tommy says:

      I always use the filet of the thigh from the chicken (not sure about the english word for this part…). I never use the breast filet. Its too dry and not as much fat as the other parts… 🙂