Return of the chicken

I have not bought any chicken to cook myself for almost 6 months. I had some discussions with a couple of fellow low carbers and some of them felt like the protein from pork is “better” than from chicken so I started testing not buying chicken. I have eaten chicken, I just have not cooke any at home. Som some lunches at the Indian buffet etc.

My weight have gone up during the year and I do not think the protein source has been the problem. Part of it is the amount of proteins… So today I actually got me some filets of chicken thigh. I fried it in butter and let it simmer in bourbon. I also made butter of 100 g butter, 75 g feta cheese and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

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The intakes was after a lot of cheese again…

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4 Responses to Return of the chicken

  1. Marc says:

    Hello Tommy, My wife takes great inspiration from your website…. My weight loss journey is also underway….. In fact, it’s been going on for nearly 96 hours. But I am determined.

    • Tommy says:

      Hi, thanks. Always nice to inspire people!

      It is going to be interesting following you.

      One of my biggest regrets is that I did tot take any good “before” pictures. I did not really understand what kind of journey I was starting…

      God luck!


  2. Elena C says:

    It’s interesting, how do your friends explain that pork protein is better? What about beef? I always thought that what’s more important is the diet of the animal. You can’t raise pigs or chickens on grass, therefore, they are usually raised on the farms in cramped conditions and are exclusively grain-fed. While a lot of beef is also grain-fed now, the natural diet of a cow is grass and many farmers still raise cows on grass. As a result, grass-fed beef has much better fat composition and a lot more vitamins (like real vitamin A, D and K) in the meat and organs, like liver, etc.

    • Tommy says:

      The reasoning behind the different proteins was around the idea that pork are closer to humans than chickens… I can not say I did see any difference so I do eat a lot of chicken again.