Pizza and gaming

This weekend I met up with some friends to play a little classic roleplaying games. The snacks on the table have changed a bit the last years but there are still some “evil” stuff around…

Guess what I ate…

The breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday was my special LCHF-coffee.

The lunch on Saturday was more of a brunch. Bread, cheese and cold cuts. The host lives in the countryside and one of his closes neighbours have small business making goat cheese of all sorts. Supre nice blue cheese made on goats milk!

For dinner I surprised everyone by ordering a pizza. I have been thinking about eating a pizza ut leave all of the bread/crust so this time I actually did it.



It was quite ok and since there was a lot of cheese and other good fatty thing on the pizza I felt satisfied after the meal.

For dinner on sunday I had liver. It’s been a really long time since I had it and I have forgott how good it is. A little high on the carbs, but now and then it can be ok…

For ketones and other “numbers” the week was not fully stable. All this thanks to eating lunch with collegues and other things. Next couple of weeks will probably be as hard to keep stable.


The weight as also had its ups and downs…





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