Full meal coleslaw

Today I was at our company healthcare unit to get a lot of testing done. I am the HR representative in out Crisis management team and since my company have a lot of staff working at the Swedish nuclear power plants I need to have access to these sites. So not only have I been screened by the Swedish Security Service I did a quite thorough drug screening today… It is always interesting to answer the doctor’s question about my drinking habits. One or two glasses  of wine… per year… Not really in the risk group for rehab… I do however use bourbon in my cooking… But that didn’t count…

To not waste any of my precious blood I asked them to test my cholesterol at the same time. So in a week I will get my third cholesterol test. It’s gonna be interesting.

I also got the question when the last time I tested my blood pressure. I was honest and said I did not remember. It might have been in the year 2000, but I am not sure… So they tested me and it was perfect (or so the doctor said) at 125/75. Maybe I should get my own measuring device to get yet another couple of numbers to put in my data… 🙂

The orders for the screening was to be there without any breakfast I skipped the LCHF-coffee. I was lured into a salad for lunch. It is one of the best salad take-away places I have ever seen so I couldn’t resist. Their Feta is super!

For dinner I had a little less than normal due to the lunch. I made a special full meal coleslaw. 100g of cabbage, 60g or mayo, 15g of onion, 140g of fried bacon, some curry powder and a little white pepper. Really nice!



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