Slow cooking again

Ok, so the weight has come back this week again. I have not been very structured and the only goal was too try too keep the fart up and carbs down end proteins on a slightly higher lever than the week before.

A couple of days the carbs went up little to much and so did the weight. I gained 3kg during the week. Don’t really know why. Not that much “extras” and I did walk exercise more. Ketones got lower as the proteins increased so there might be a correlation. The coming week I will be structured and try to copy the week before last but with a slightly increased protein level.


Today I gade a couple slices of low carb bread with a lot of butter. The Crock-Pot was slow cooking a pork roast all day and when I got home from work it was don. I really like the Crock-Pot. The meat gets really tender and moist.

Nutritions today was



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4 Responses to Slow cooking again

  1. Jeanne says:

    It is not wise to eat higher protëin because you are already too high. You can do, depending on your length (?) around 50 grams (0,5-0,8 grams per kg lean body weight) To much protein act like carbs and that can happen by 15 grams more. Carbs can be around 50 grams, if you eat 85-90% fat. To much fat can not hurt you (unless…you eat too much carbs). It all depends on the proportion.
    For extra fat intaken you can make a soup 200 ml water with 50 grams of vegetables and add 50 grams or more butter to it and cream.
    Raw veggies are not so good. Veggies do have a lot of anti-vitamines. Better to eat 100 grams patato with extra butter and cream (mash).
    Eat lots of fatty egyolk (no whites) with bacon and extra butter,
    The milk: 75 grams of butter with 2/3 eggyolks and 250 ml. hot water
    Good luck.

    • Tommy says:

      I am experimenting a bit with the proteins right now. One week I tried keeping them at 50g a day and this week I am at 70-80g. I measure the ketones and bloodsugar.

      I have not read this about the raw veggies. I might try frying the cabbage a bot more often…

      I try to avoid cream and cheese this week otherwise the veggie and butter soup sounds nice.


  2. RP says:

    Excuse me good sir, what is that on top of your roast?

    • Tommy says:

      One of my many seasoned butters formed into nice little “tops”… 🙂 This exact butter is the “famous” Café de Paris butter with something like 30 ingredients. For my iBook I will try to get as many recipes of butters as possible.