Baby Bel and a secret goal

It has been some time since I bough Baby Bel and I am going away for a gaming convention all weekend so I got me a couple of “nets”… I managed to eat a full net tonight (6 cheeses) so I will have to buy a couple more to bring with me.

For dinner it was a real simple standard dish again. Pork chops with goat cheese butter… I got the question to one of my other posts regarding what I season my chops with. Normally I just use ordinary salt and a mix of white and black pepper. Sometimes I do add some “unsweetened” barbaque seasoning, taco seasoning or other “special” seasoning. But almost all the time I keep it simple.

14 1029-TommyTappar -20141029-00002IMG_9682

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-10-29 kl. 20.57.53

And what about the secret goal… Well… I have been thinking a lot of a couple of things lately and I have set up a secret goal for me and I might make it official after the weekend. It is yet another thing I never, ever thought of planning to do…




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4 Responses to Baby Bel and a secret goal

  1. Danrex says:

    First I find a fat guy who lost weight on low carb. If that wasn’t enough I find out your a programmer. Just to put the nail in the coffin though now your telling me your a gamer!!!!

    You have quickly become my favourite blogger:)

    • Tommy says:


      Well, I am not really a programmer. The author of a book I posted about a couple of days ago thought so but I am in Human Resources. I do try to do some Xcode for some apps but this has been going a bit slow the last year… So, programmer, no.

      Gamer? Absolutely. Right now more analog gaming with RPGs, boardgames and miniature games. Oh, and owner of a gaming store… 🙂


  2. Roy says:

    Your food pictures always look so tasty!

    • Tommy says:

      Thank you. Todays picture is maybe an exception… 🙂

      (“today” is the day after this post but this coment is made “today”) 🙂