Fine dining

In my family we have a tradition to have dinner to celebrate our birthdays instead of buying presents. We are lagging behind a bit. My birthday is in early June and today it was “my turn”.

I booked a table at a nice seafood restaurant near where I live. I was not expecting it to be very high on fat so for breakfast I hade the LCHF-Coffee and an hour before the dinner I had some mayo for a good foundation…

At the restaurant I had a really nice dish of smoked salmon with horseradish and some apple for starter.

And fish with creamy leek and a salad as a side. The fish was really nice but it might have been dusted with a little flour so I added som carbs in the nutrition tool.

The lack of fat during dinner is not a huge problem but I got a little hungry in front of the TV I hade a couple of pieces of cheese.

In total todays nutritions was



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3 Responses to Fine dining

  1. Lucia Tanner says:

    Hi Tommy – I am writing from Cape Town, South Africa and I must say that I am gobsmacked by your delicious and easy LCHF meals. I have been following my own LCHF meal plans since Sept 2013 and have in total so far lost 14 kg’s but I felt it was going too slow – I now realise after reading your blog that I am not taking in enough fat – started copying your meals for two weeks now and the kilos are dropping again – I am now down to 82kg’s and only need to loose another 12kg’s – fantastic ! I see you mention your own mayo every now and again – is it a custom made recipe or could I just Google for any old mayo recipe and then also what is LCHF coffee ?
    Kindest regards – Lucia

    • Tommy says:

      Hi and thank you!

      Really nice to see the fat ratio helped you…

      The mayo is really simple.
      3 egg yokes
      1 teaspoon of unsweetened dijon mustard
      a little white wine vinegar
      salt an white pepper
      3dl of rape seed oil (and sometimes a little olive oil)

      mix everything but the oil with an electric hand mixer and the add the oil in a really thin “stream” on high speed whipping. When the mayo looks like mayo its ready to eat… 🙂


  2. Lucia Tanner says:

    Hi not too worry – I found the coffee recipe ! Thanks !