More fruits…

Today had a couple of plums. Second day in a row I had fruits…

The Ketones went down a bit after yesterday and today I had quite a lot of proteins and carbs i I quess it will be a even lower number tomorrow.

For breakfast I had 3 sausages and a cup of LCHF-coffee. and for dinner 3 more sausages, fried chicken and coleslaw.

The nutritions where:


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One Response to More fruits…

  1. Uros says:

    Hy Tommy.
    Great page, great work, and great blog! Tnx for sharing!

    Could you please give me an insight of your thoughts about fruits? I mean, an apple here and there, a banana or a pear…
    I mean, reading GRAIN BRAIN put a seed in me…a bad one. Suddenly i should also give up fruits, cottage, whipped cream?!?! Cause i can get parkinson disease or Alzheimer’s disease?! I mean, ok, i do love my LCHF life, and i do did some moderation to it (as i had anorexia and need to gain) but…?
    I mean, the people in paleolitic days also had an apple here and there, or some honey…
    What do you think? I mean, am i right, that as long as i dont get my weight back i should have a LCHF with a little bit more carbs, and after that a fruit here and there won’t kill me?

    Thank you so much, and keep on going!