Presentation of a book

Today I was invited to a presentation of a book where I am mentioned as a “good example” of Low Carb eating. The writers are former colleagues of me so it was nice to see them again.

14 0918-TommyTappar -20140918-00004IMG_9097

To be honest, the book in total is not really “my cup of tea”…  But it is well writen and covers a lot of things related to personal development and “mindfulness”.

Before I got to the presentation I stopped by at Inger’s place. Inger is employed by DietDoc, Andreas Eenfeldt and she is the one translating and subtitling most of Andreas videos. Really nice talks as usual.

After I left home I ate a couple of sausages and when I got home in the evening I fried three more. I also made a scrambled egg of 3 eggs and tomato/mustard butter of 50 g butter, 1 teaspoon tomato puré and 1 teaspoon dijon mustard.

14 0918-TommyTappar -20140918-00011IMG_9104

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-09-18 kl. 22.04.22


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