Heavy weights

Last saturday I got some free plaster for a project I am working on. It was a “bag” of 40kg and it was really heavy to get from the car to the elevator and into the apartment. After some struggle I sat down with a cup of coffee and thought about the bag of plaster. It was 40kg and felt really heavy. Less than three years ago I actually carried around twice that on my body. To be honest I still don’t truly understand I have lost over 90kg (200lbs)…

Today I had a couple (well three actually) sausages for breakfast but without the béarnaise as I had yesterday.

For dinner I had chicken fried with some bourbon and coleslaw. I missed the coleslaw from last week and since I still have a lot of cabbage in the fridge I made some tonight. I am aiming at a slightly higher level of proteins so used more chicken than minced meat from last week. A little over 330g in total.

Together with the sausages the proteins went up to 89g today.





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