Feeling naked

It is strange who “dependent” you get on the smartphones. Today I went to the stor to play some games and half way there I realized I forgot my phone at home. I really felt naked all day. No FB updates, no mails, no refreshing of the different “building games”… After a while I actually felt quite “liberated” not having the phone…

When I got home I made dinner. Today it was an parmesan omelette (2 eggs, 50 g parmesan), sauce bearnaise and two sausages. I also ate some extra cheese and drank a lot of coke zero at the store…

14 0913-TommyTappar -20140913-00006IMG_9046

The intakes today was

Skärmavbild 2014-09-13 kl. 23.20.48


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2 Responses to Feeling naked

  1. Amira Helenius says:

    I Love your page and got some nice ideas about food,I just started this high fat,protein diet and so worried to gain more weight, trying to loose 15 kilos.

    • Tommy says:

      Try to keep carbs as low as possible and be careful about the proteins. Do not have to much. Protein “becomes” “sugar” if you eat to much… Kind of…