Commercials works

Today I took a long walk around town after work. It was really hot and there is a new “brand” of stevia sweetened soft drink with added vitamins etc on every other bus stop, banner or wall. So when I got half way I just had to get a couple of bottles. I drank one immediately and saved one for later.

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It was quite nice but water is better. Or if I want to drink sweetener I will go for Coke Zero. It has been quite long now since I had my last Coke and this soft drink will not make me go back drink Coke… I hope…

For dinner today I had a big piece of brie cheese and a nice curry and shrimp “salad”. I need some help with the language here… I call this salad but it is really just a mix of mayo and other things. What would be the best English word for it? In Swedish there are several good word but I do not really find a good one in English.

14 0731-TommyTappar -20140731-00007IMG_8409

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2014-07-31 kl. 22.37.55


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6 Responses to Commercials works

  1. Tekesha says:

    I think it’s okay to call this a salad. In the U.S., we have two types of salads: (1) big bowl of some kind of lettuce with toppings and maybe salad dressing, and (2) cold or slightly warm items mixed with mayo or some other similar kind of dressing (ex. potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, tuna salad, etc). If what you have pictured there is served hot, then it would probably be a curry shrimp saute or stir fry. 🙂

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks, salad it is then. In Swedish we have a word that mitt translate directly to “mush”, but that does not really sound right in English… 🙂


  2. jen says:

    Hi Tommy,
    I love your blog! I didn’t realize you weren’t a native English speaker until you asked for an English word. I teach English in the Netherlands, your English is terrific!

    I agree with Tekesha, we’d call this a “seafood salad,” or a “shrimp salad.” In the UK it’d be a prawn salad. If you’re mixing things up with mayo I’d specify which item is being added to the mayo, otherwise English speakers picture a bowl of lettuce greens. LOL

    • Tommy says:


      I try to write as goos as possible but I do feel my vocabulary can be somewhat limited sometimes…