Controlling the ketons

Today I started my more controlled experiment with the relation between proteins and fat.

My plan is to eat the exact same food every day for a full week.

1 cup of LCHF-Coffee (25g coconut oil + 25g butter + 1dl Coffee)


250g minced meat
15g butter (for frying)
150g cabbage
10g onion
0,5dl Smetana (42% fat)
0,5dl mayonaise

50g of seasoned butter

The nutritions for the entire day is:

So just above 2000 calories and a high energy% from fat. Quite low proteins. Maybe to low but I will start with this and increase next week and se if that have any impact on the ketones.

The graph for the last weeks looks like this. It’s gonna be interesting to see if it flattens out when I eat the exact food several days in a row.

The proteins are just the actual grams divided by 10 to get it into the graph…





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