Béarnaise and ketons

Today I had to go to work for a couple of ours when I got home I made dinner. Yesterday I ate quite a lot so there was no room for the LCHF-Coffee for breakfast.

The dinner was a chicken-liver stew with curry served with cauliflower fried in butter.

The last week I bought every premade bearnaise sauce I found.

And today I tested them all…

Not sure if I ever gonna eat pre-made bearnaise again… A full report will follow later this week.

Nutritions for the day including all the béarnaise was:


Regarding ketons the variations are quite big but I think I can see a trend… The same trend as several others also have found. The protein is the key. To much protein in relation with fat is not good for the ketons.

Next week I will try to take the experiment a bit further and try to have the same dinner every night. I have bought the ingredients and tomorrow I will start. I will have a LCHF-Coffee for breakfast, two burgers with coleslaw and seasoned butter for dinner. Every night all week… If I can stand it… 🙂





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