Slow cooking and long walking

Today I started the Crock-Pot with a large hunk of pork. I set the timer at 8 hours and left the apartment for a walk. A new Swedish novel by Håkan Nesser made me take  an extra long walk before I got home. Almost 8,5 miles and 3 hours later I arrived back in the apartment. During the walk I also stopped and did some shopping. In the near future I will test as many pre made sauce béarnaise I can find. Today I found 6 brands to ad to my 7 or 8 already in the fridge.

The pork “roast” was done and I tried a couple of slices. Incredibly tender. Slow cooking is really nice!

For dinner I fried a pice of cod and ate it with a mix of egg, shrimps, butter and horseradish.

The nutritions for today was:




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