Fat free at Universal

The cruise is over and we all had to say godby today… I really hope I can make it next year. Work situation and finances are tho hurdles to get over…

The ship arrived in Port Canaveral early this morning and I went to my new hotel to get rid of my suitcase and then I took a shuttle to Universal. Two huge parks for 145 USD… Quite expensive.


I had already planned the eating after reading something about there being a Krusty burger place. Who could resist a meal there…?


Not me


I did not eat the bun, only the rest. Still confusing people when I do not want the fries…

There were some fun things to buy. Chocolate with bacon


And a cool mug!


Nope, I did not by either of them…

After the Simpson dining experience I made my way to the MIB (Men in Black) ride. I got to kill some aliens while riding in a kind of trolley on rails. Really fun. I was worst in my trolley with a score half as the younger kids I rode with…

For some reason I decided to try the Revenge of the Mummy ride. When I was seated I realized it was a roller coaster… Maybe this sign could have given me a “clue”?


I have not got on this kind of rides in MANY years. It was so fun so I decided to go on the (slower) Harry Potter ride too. That one was also really funny. A mix of roller coaster and “Imax”. It was located in Hogwarts.


I got a tips from a friend on the Cruise to try the turkey leg. After convincing the laid behind the counter I did not want any fries or corn I got salad and som “crappy” mayo…


The turkey was really good. A lot of meat for the money.

After some other rides (E.T. and Transformers 3D) I left the parks for a late dinner at the Nascar grill. I had a huge portion of tho kind of meat. Sirloin steak and pulled pork. The pork was off course a bit sweet and so was the cole slaw side…


After all this meat and not that much fat the fat ratio was really low today.

Skärmavbild 2014-05-25 kl. 22.38.57

Universal was a blast and it was worth the expensive admittance.

Tomorrow I will fly back to Sweden so the post will come tuesday Swedish time… Weird flying “against” the calendar.







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