Traditional Swedish crayfish party

All Swedes have a crayfish party at least once every fall. The traditional get together is including lots of crayfish, “snaps”, beer and bread. Almost all this is ok when eating LCHF. The beer and bread is removed but otherwise it’s ok.

The crayfish is boiled with and served cold like this.

This pie is made with eggs cheese and chanterelles.

I usually save some of the crayfish to eat a huge final lump on a toast. With LCHF the toast is removed and the maya added…

For dessert I “had to” eat some chocolate “cake” with whipped cream.

Some extra cheese and mayo tho the crayfish and some peanuts to the Coke Zero led to an intake at:



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2 Responses to Traditional Swedish crayfish party

  1. Rhys says:

    Thanks for all these pictures of your wonderful food! Your story is such an inspiration. Do you mind sharing your recipe for the chocolate “cake”?
    Also, what’s your opinion on artificial sweeteners? Do you use Splenda or stevia to sweeten your desserts and coffee?
    Thanks again!

    • Tommy says:

      I can see about the chocolate cake. I did not make it myself.

      I rarely use Sweeteners myself and if I do I use Stevia. I never have sweets in my coffee.