A lot of food

Today I had a lot of food. I am a little no interested in trying new things and eating good food. During the cruise I am eating more than I normally do but since its a little hard to get the fat up it is no really shown on the calories.

The day started with some breakfast.


It was time for our second stop and this time the weather was really nice and we came to a port where “we” parked the ship neatly by two other cruisers.”my” ship is the one to the right.


We had arrived at ST. Thomas and I have book an excursion to the Island of ST. John. The excursion started with a boat ride and then we went by small busses around the Island and got to stop for som real nice views.


We canceled some stopes due to mosquito who was “infesting” the Island after a couple of days with rain.

After the tour we went “downtown” on ST. Thomas. I found another “lone” traveler in the LowCarb group and she paid for my lunch at a lokal place. I ordered a club sandwich without the bread. After som confusion we did get or food and my dish was really good.


After some shopping we went back to the ship and cleaned up a bit before it was time for dinner.

I had two starters and two mains today.

First a couple of nice Italian dishes.




For mains I had




As usual cheese for dessert.


The intakes was quite hag with all the food. I had brakfast, lunch and dinner…

Skärmavbild 2014-05-21 kl. 22.13.30


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