Really low on proteins today

Today I had the LCHF-Coffee for breakfast. I knew it would be quite late before I got home. I was on a business trip and I traveled during lunch so I planned on being hungry towards the evening.

The hunger didn’t really kick in until I started thinking about what to eat and by then I was almost home. The result of the thinking was not very spectacular. Quite boring actually… Only 300g (a full can!) of sausage and 100g of béarnaise sauce. It is a little better than it looks…

I added 50g of parmesan cheese as snacks in front of a couple of episodes of Supernaturals. S the nutritions was a bit weird today. Not much protein, only 39g. This is probably not very good, but now and then I guess it is ok. I just didn’t feel like having anything else to eat today.


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