First day on Freedom of the seas

Today we boarded Freedom of the sea. A rely nice ship. I have not much experience cruising but compared to the Baltic cruisers and Magic this ship is much nicer. It feels fresher in all ways…

This is the shopping promenade.


And my home for the week.


I “invested” in two packs of “unlimited” things. Both internet and alcohol free beverages. So “free” coffee, coke zero and “free” internet for the full week. When I say free I mean I paid 189 USD fir the internet and 140 for the beverages. So it was quite expensive. I will do some calculations and see hue much espresso I need to get to make it worth it.


I had to try the buffet for lunch so I had some pork, chicken, sausage and green beans.


For dinner I got really nice table company, Jacqueline Eberstein and her husband. Dr. Mike Fox and a nice couple of college teachers (micro biology and math). Some “medical” discussion is a little above my “level” but it’s really interesting.

I had a nice shrimp “racclette”…


and for main a large pice of beef with some veggies.


The dessert was the traditional cheese plate.


My stressed up packing before I left made me forget to pack some clothes and sunscreen. So I had to do some shopping. It’s to easy to shop with the set sail card.

The intakes today was

Skärmavbild 2014-05-18 kl. 21.38.28





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