I cheated a bit today…

For some reason (I do not know why) I ate a peach at work today. The fruit just sat there in the bowl and it looked so nice. The number of fruits I have eaten the last 3 years can be counten on one hands fingers (well, I count 4 grapes as one fruit…). The peach was not as good as it looked… So no more peaches…

After a really heavy yesterday I did not have the LCHF-Coffe for breakfast.

For lunch I had som nice “burgers” and a couple of pieces of fish. A little sour cream sauce and a few olives. To be honest I went back to the buffet and got me two more burgers…

For dinner I hade three sausages, scrambled eggs and sauce béarnaise. Maybe a little weird combo but it was ok.


After yesterdays huge protein intake the Ketons went down to 1,4 this morning. I am not sure if the proteins are responsible, but they might be.

The nutritions for today was


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