A lot of cheese

Today I went for a long walk before going to the office. On the way there I got a lot of cheese that I had for brunch… 150g normal hard cheese and 125g blue cheese… Quite a lot…

14 0421-TommyTappar -20140421-00002IMG_6323


I had a really hard time motivating myself to work so I only stayed at the office for a couple of hours before I went home and played some games…

14 0421-TommyTappar -20140421-00003IMG_6324

These are the heroes who will save the world from the alien invasion…

14 0421-TommyTappar -20140421-00004IMG_6325

…hmmm. First try no one reached the middle of the board…

14 0421-TommyTappar -20140421-00028IMG_6349

After gaming I made dinner. Two sausages and a cole slaw with 100g of mayo and 50g of cabbage.

14 0421-TommyTappar -20140421-00036IMG_6357

After dinner I managed to win the scenario I lost before. I “only” lost one GD-Agent…

The intakes was really high thanks to the cheese.

Skärmavbild 2014-04-21 kl. 22.13.25




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