Ketons last week

Yet another week with daily checks on the ketons in the blood. It’s really going up and down. The “Skaldeman” values below is the relation between fat and proteins in the food I eat. My goal is between 2 and 3.


The weight is quite stable at around 86-87kg. Hopefully I can loose a couple of kg next week when I will try to cook smaller portions due to the fact I tend to overeat a bit. I eat a little to much even when I feel full.


No breakfast and some cheese for “brunch” at noon. Then I went by my parents house and mom “made” me eat all kinds of stuff.

For a starter I got a salmon-burger (panned with “just a little” bread crumbs… Fail…

For main I got a couple of lamb chops and to get at least some fat I added pure butter… 🙂

And for dessert (yes, dessert) It was some kind of “dxx and mascarpone” pancake with strawberries. I managed to negotiate away the honey that was supposed to go ontop…

After I got home I have some cheese-rolls (=chees with butter) and the nutritions went up to:



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2 Responses to Ketons last week

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hi Tommy,

    It could be possible that you have to cut down your protein a bit and eat more fat.
    I do not know your hight but protein can be as low as your hight above 1 meter and then less 10%. Your fat intake can be to low, that’s why you are hungry. It can be more like P 1: F 3,5 Lately you only ate 1000 kcal. It seems rather low to me.

    • Tommy says:

      Yes, for some periods I was quite low in the calories but I was never hungry. I will try to get the proteins around 1g per kg or lower. But not to low… Around 70-90g per day is the level I will try to aim for.