Slow cooking here I come

Today I got my Crock-Pot Slow cooker. I went ahead and bought some beef to make a Gulash-ish stew tomorrow while I am at work for a couple of hours. Hoepfully the cheap meat will be really tender after 7-8 hours of slow cooking…

I ave re-booted my intention to put subtitles on Andreas Eenfeldt’s interview with me from last summer. Translating the words is not a problem but it’s a pain in the ** to put the subtitles “on” the movie. I have learnt a couple of short-cuts in iMovie so now I can see the light in the tunnel… I will ask Andreas to put it up at his place later…

For dinner today I made both a starter and a main dish.

For starter I fried some spinach and graded some parmesan over it. To this I had a mayonnaise with a lot of garlic again… Quite nice.

For main I used the egg whites from the mayo process and made a “pot” of 200g of minced meat, 3 egg whites, and 75g graded cheese. I seasoned with taco spices and had it in the oven on highest temp for 10 minutes. It tasted better than expected and it was a good way of using the whites.”

The nutritions for the day was:






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