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Today I started as usual with the coffee and since it was really nice weather I headed out for a long walk.

I am listening to an interesting book and I have not decided if I like it or not. Well, I like the book but the content is hard to like but at the same it is… The book is called “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle. I like the way Cris is writing. He is direct and straight forward in his language and descriptions of his military career. As a Swede it can be a bit uncomfortable with the American way of looking at the world but thanks to Chris way of telling the story I think I understand how he and (probably) the majority of the American people thinks when it comes to defending the country. So I actually do think I like it… Towards the end of today’s walk the book was quite suspense so I had to go for another 20 minutes to listen to the end of that part…

After the walk and a couple of episodes of Supernatural I had a nice steak for dinner. To the steak I had spinach and chili butter (again…).

When the dinner was done I started playing a bit with “Lightroom” and managed to pick out around 50 photos for the book. I even tried to make a Cover for the eBook. Depending on the weather tomorrow I will try to get the book started with writing some texts to the pictures. For this first book I do not think I will have exact receipts, only some text about the food and photos. Maybe a short story about me and my weight loss and a really brief introduction to Low Carb High Fat.

The cover might look something like this:

Todays nutritions where:



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7 Responses to eBook cover

  1. Hey Tommy!
    Please, please give us recipes! And cooking techniques that you use. And since it will be an e-book…is there a way to imbed a metric converter in it? Otherwise, I have no clue! And I’d like to see your cooking utensils…I don’t want much do I??? 😎
    From what I’ve gathered and observed about your food is that you don’t really use exact amounts in what you are making but I’m very interested in your ingredients and brands of spices and so forth. And a section on butters please!
    Your narrative on your blog is very good and distinctive. I would definitely like to buy a copy but it has to be useable for me without too much having to think about it.
    Anyway, hopefully you’ll consider some of this…and thanks for your blog…I REALLY enjoy it!

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks. My plan is to let the first book be a “teaser” for a bigger project later on.

      I am not much of a recipes guy. I use what I have in the fridge. little of this and a little of that. But I will try to get some kind of step by step for the recipes in the teaser swell. Butter will be a prat of it… I promise…


  2. PS – The cover looks great!

  3. Sasha says:

    Can’t wait for the book and the recieps

    • Tommy says:

      I will try to get something happen next friday. I have asked for a day off from work and this is what I plan to work with that day…


  4. ana_ibarra says: