So much for the “no more cheese this year”… Today I ate a big lup of cheese. 200g in total… 🙂  50g on the dinner and 150g diced infront of the last season of Weeds.

For dinner I made a nice casserole of minced beef, cabbage, onion, cream, stock an a lot of cheese.

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As I said, I ate a lot of extra cheese so the intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-12-30 kl. 21.42.24

Now I will be back home in FinspÃ¥ng for New Year’s eve and the day after so so tomorrow morning is the last weight for the calendar year.



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3 Responses to Cheese

  1. Dharia says:

    Hey Tommy, I’ve been browsing your website all day long… You are such an inspiration! I wanted to ask you: “What is the problem with cheese”? Why would you want to cut it. It is my first day of low carb. I already had two “sandwiches” with just just butter and cheese:) along other low carb meals.

    • Tommy says:

      I see two “problems” with cheese. The first is that some people have problem with to much protein and dairy.

      My main problen is personal. I tend to overeat cheese. I really can’t stop once I start… So I do eat far to much! 🙂


      • BobM says:

        Tommy, you also have Vasterbotten cheese, which is great cheese. Also, in the US, we can’t buy blocks of cheese the way you can there. Instead, we get small “chunks” of cheese. So, it’s harder for us to overeat (though I have to admit that overeating cheese for me is difficult to do; now nuts, those are a different story ;-).