Salmon and lemon butter

Yet another day of gaming and coke. We played the new game Firefly and since it’s my game the others let me win… 🙂

For dinner I fried some salmon and made a nice lemon-butter out of 100g of butter, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, some salt and white pepper. Steamed asparagus for side was perfect to the lemon-butter.

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On sunday I am going to Stockhilm with some friends ande we are going to paly a couple of games and watch the new Hobbit movie. I had not seen the first one so I bougt it on Bluray today. It was quite goon. To the movie I had some Brazilian nuts.

The intakes was

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2 Responses to Salmon and lemon butter

  1. Isabella says:

    Awesome website! New to the whole LCHF but after going through ur site things seem a lot easier to take all in now. Just wanted to know, ur butter, do u use the salted or unsalted? I dont really know whats the take on salt in LCHF. Do u use any APP to work out ur % of fat, protein and carb? Is there one out there for LCHF. Thanx a bunch for all the info.

    • Tommy says:


      Yes, I use the app for iphone/web (ad droid to I guess) called LifeSum. Then I create the graphs in “Numbers” for MacOSX.