Another cup of coffee

Today I had my second cup of “Magic Bullet Coffee” and my stomach is acting a bit weird. Even thou I am pretty used to eating a lot of fat I feel a little “bubbly” a couple of hours after the coffee. Nothing disturbing, but its a rare feeling for me. My stomach have never behaved like this before.

I have started collecting some of my food pictures to ty to publish a photo book on iBook for iPad. Once I figure out how I will try to get it done. Depending on how much time I will put into it I might charge a dollar or two but probably not… Maybe I start with a free teaser and then a bigger book with more photos later…

The dinner today was grilled chicken (three thighs even thou only two is in the picture), cole slaw and chili butter (not shown on the picture).

It’s been a while since I made cole slaw but it is really nice. I seasoned it quite high with cayenne and some dijon mustard.

The nutritions toda was:

The ketons this morning was at 1,2. Third day in a row above 1,0. Looking good…





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