Zero and cheese again

Saturday is gaming day at the store… And gaming means Coke Zero… Threee cans today… And when I got home I had some cheese. So much for the no cheese no coke… 🙂

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For dinner I had a couple of entrecôtes with garlic butter.

13 1221-TommyTappar -20131221-00011IMG_4785

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-12-21 kl. 21.32.46



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3 Responses to Zero and cheese again

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Tommy,
    How exactly does coke affect you? Why are you limiting? And the beloved cheese?


    • Tommy says:

      The coke makes me drink a lot more than I normally do and combined with to much carbs I would say it stores “fluids”.

      The cheese drives up the proteins a bit and I would say it lowers my ketones.

      The main problem with the cheese is that I can eat a lot of it even if I am full. So it’s easy for me to over eat.


      • Laura says:

        Thank you so much Tommy for this explanation, I have the same little problem with cheese, and your example motivates me to be more careful…I’m in maintenance and with the excitement on this new life I overindulged on cheese, my crazy addiction..the scale showed to me this morning but I was trying to deny … you know ,,fat head. I’m also taking one or two cokes a day,not a very good habit…