Third and final recipe

Today I tried the third recipe for the magasien. It was a really successful experiment. I stole the idea from one of the dinners in Las Vegas. A nice rib-eye with a crust of parmesan cheese and horseradish. Served with a cole slaw.

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The horseradish and parmesan actually works quite well together.

The intake for the disk and a lot of extra cheese was

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2 Responses to Third and final recipe

  1. Lucille says:

    Horseradish and blue cheese work well too. What ratio of cheese to horseradish did you use?

    Think I’ll make myself a special Christmas dinner of prime rib steak with a horseradish cheese crown.

    • Tommy says:

      I used quite small amount of horseradish to he cheese. maybe 1 to 5.

      Hmm, horseradish and blue cheese. That could work. I’ll try that.