Airplane food is not very low carb

So friday saturday was spent on airports, airplanes, train stations and trains…

No food was included in the flight from Las Vegas to Chicago. They had cheese plates for sale but they where quite expensive for the amount of cheese on them so I only had a cup of free coffee.

On the flight back to Sweden from Chicago to Stockholm we had a hot meal served. Some kind och chicken in chili sauce with rice. I only ate the chicken, cheese and butter. The salad, cake, rice crackers was left on the tray.

13 1115-TommyTappar -20131115-00440IMG_4479

When we got closer to Stockholm we got “breakfast”.

All carbs!

13 1115-TommyTappar -20131115-00441IMG_4480

The bag to le left looked ok at a glance but it was full of sugar. The same for the fat free (!!!) greek yogurt. The sandwich was “filled” with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham. I traded my juice for my neighbors ham and cheese… 🙂

13 1115-TommyTappar -20131115-00443IMG_4482

Earlier in the week there was an exident on the railroad so my train was canceled. I got a mail about this just before boarding in Las Vegas so I got a bit stressed up about it but I managed to buy a new ticket for another train that was actually pretty much on time.

The intakes for “friday” was

Skärmavbild 2013-11-16 kl. 14.13.01

I want shopping for food since I had gotten pretty hungry. Chicken, garlic butter and cheese. A standard Tommy dinner. It’s good to be back.

13 1116-TommyTappar -20131116-00448IMG_4487

And the intakes for “saturday” was

Skärmavbild 2013-11-16 kl. 14.13.46







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