Leaving Las Vegas

So, the vacation has come to the end. Tomorrow morning I am flying home to Sweden and I will not arrive until saturday morning due to time zone weirdness…

So my final day I just had to try a classic American “dish” for brunch. Chili Hot dog… I did not eat the bund but the sausage and the chess was ok.


For dinner I had reserved a table at “The top of the Worls” at Stratosphere. It’s a rotating restaurant on the 106th floor and the few is really nice. Could there be a better place to eat the final dinner in Vegas?


I started with a grilled portabello with mozzarella cheese. I also has a little pice of brad with three kinds of butter.


For main I had the standard Rib-eye…


…with sauce bearnaise and some butter.


As a side I had asparagus.


I had a coupe of glasses of red wine and since I did not finish the second glass I had to get something to eat to it so I had the cheese plate. I tried some grapes but no jam or bread.


The whole meal was more expensive that the one at Gordon’s place but I did hade both dessert and two glasses of wine. In total it was 175 USD including tip.

The intakes was quite high again…

Skärmavbild 2013-11-14 kl. 21.26.43

Tomorrow I will write a bit about the whole Vegas experience and then later I will report on the writing etc…



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4 Responses to Leaving Las Vegas

  1. damn the prices got really high in vegas in the last 10 years!

    in berlin we have a rotating restaurant at our tv tower too 😀 so maybe one day you visit berlin we could eat there!

  2. Shiri says:

    I just went through your LasVegas posts…very nice food pics!
    I’m really interested in what your scale will say after these days!

    And…maybe I overread….could you make more out of your money in Las Vegas?


    • Tommy says:


      I could have eaten a lot cheaper than I did if thats what you mean.

      Going to the cheaper buffets for me would have been the best I think since I only “need” one full meal a day. But I like food and to try out the little more expensive stuff so there goes the next paycheck… 🙂