I managed to get most of the things done so I have now stated my vacation. On monday I will fly to Vegas and until then I will just do some washing, playing some games and prepare everything I will work on while away from home…

For dinner tonight I had some cheese and then a couple of pork chops with cole slaw.

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The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-10-31 kl. 22.33.59



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4 Responses to Vacation!

  1. looseal says:

    Have a great time in Vegas. Let us know where and what you ate there. I find it hard to maintain my diet in restaurants. Perhaps in Sweden it is easier. I am curious to know how you do it. Have fun.

    • Tommy says:

      Since I will bring my computer, iPad, and iPhone I will absolutely keep reporting what I eat every day.

      Vegas is full of buffets so I do not think I will have much problem eating good food. I guess the fat can be hard to get up if the buffets are to “light”…


      • looseal says:

        Be careful of sugar or starchy thickened in sauces and dressing. And Do not lose too much money. Have a great time.

        • Tommy says:

          Yea, i’ll try to eat as “clean” food as possible. I am not sure how much “cheating” I will do but I guess I might eat something bad. But whats happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (and gets published on thins blog…).

          My intention is to win, not lose… (famous last words)…