A lot of deer

Today I decided to start up the Croc Pot and cooks some deer for some hours.

I put the meat in the pot together with some leek, mushrooms and seasoned with only salt and pepper. I also added a couple of garlic cloves.

13 1027-TommyTappar -20131027-00001IMG_3968

After 8 hours it looks like this…

13 1027-TommyTappar -20131027-00003IMG_3970

… and on the plate together with some broccoli it looked pretty nice. I also added 50g of plain butter not shown on the plate. The plate does not show all meat I ate. During cutting the meat I tend to eat some and today it was waute a lot. Almost double of whats on the plate. Around 600g in total…

13 1027-TommyTappar -20131027-00004IMG_3971

So the proteins got quite high and the fat a bit low.

Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 23.31.01


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2 Responses to A lot of deer

  1. Zander says:

    Hi Tommy

    Do you add any stock to your slow cooker when your cooking lots of meat like this?

    • Tommy says:

      Nope, no stock and now liquid at all. I would say there is no need when cooking for such a long time. It kind of creates its own stock…