Brown dinner and new car

Today I ordered my new car and I hope it will get delivered in the beginning of December. I wen low on cost, fuel and environmental footprint… A Toyota Yaris Hybrid… It’s gonna be a change from my 200+hp Saab 95 to the 100ish hp electrical hybrid… 🙂

Skärmavbild 2013-10-06 kl. 18.13.39

De only change from the picture is the “rims”. They will be a little darker than on this one. I will use these “rims” on the tires during the winter.


The dinner today was really brown. I use to say my food looks quite plain and sometimes brown but today it was really brown. 4 small pork chops and mushrooms in cream. The reason for the cream being so brown is that I let the mushrooms really get colored in butter on slightly to hot level on the stove. This was totally deliberate and it gave a nice color to the “stew”.

13 1023-TommyTappar -20131023-00006IMG_3947

The intakes today was after some blue cheese in addition to the pork

Skärmavbild 2013-10-23 kl. 20.38.30



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2 Responses to Brown dinner and new car

  1. Zander says:

    Hi Tommy

    Can i ask how much blue cheese you could normaly eat in a night?
    I love the stuff, but find i can only eat small amounts, I really like to wrap some danish blue cheese in slices of chorizo!

    • Tommy says:

      I eat a little to much. Normally the packaging sets the limit. The cheese I ate yesterday was 150g… 🙂