Showing Ramona Stockholm

Today me an Margareta was going to show Ramona Stockholm. Margareta met Ramona on last years Low Carb Cruise and I met her this year. Ramona is a cruising expert and is traveling around the world on cruise ships and today she arrived in Stockholm for a day.

Margaretha was the designated driver and I just went along for the company… We started with a scenic route to show a panoramic view of Stockholm. Then we continued to a drive around the “old city” and the Royal Castle. We went into a nice church open for homeless people for food and shelter (for the homeless people, not us…).

Then we continued to the Harley Davidson store in Stockholm. I had no idea it existed…

I stole a picture from Ramonas FB…

After the T-shirt shopping frenzy we went to the city library to have a quick look. We had not really planned anything for lunch so we went out to a comm-tower (Kaknästornet) to have lunch on the 28th floor of the tower. But even thou the tower it self was quite low on tourists, the restaurant was full so we drove back into town to get a coffe an chat a bit…

This picture is showing Ramonas ship from the tower. Her ship is the one to the left.


So when it came to food I first had a breakfast similar to yesterday. Scrambled eggs with a lot of butter. This time I added some leek for color and flavor.

For dinner I hade a lot of steak (only half is gown on the picture) with asparagus and sause bearnaise.

The nutritions went up to:





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