Keeping the fat up a bit

Today I continued measuring the ketons and was only at 0,6. Lower than yesterday. So to boost the fat yet some more I have a breakfast of scrambled eggs. Two eggs and 50g of butter. Really low temp to get it creamy and to avoid it to split.

During the day I only had a couple of cups of coffee at work and when I got home I made a really nice stew of chicken liver (200g), mushrooms (75g), green paprika (50g), some onions (1tsp) and lots of double cream (1,5dl). To the stew I fried/boiled some cauliflower in butter. Nice and fat. The cream tend to increase the carbs a bot thou…

For two days I have been over 80% of energy from fat. I hope this will help me to get into ketosis again.

Tomorrow I am going to Stockholm to meet up with some fellow low carvers from the cruise. We are to meet Ramona from the US who continued cruising after the low carb cruise and now she makes her Stockholm stop on her Northern Europe tour… 🙂

Todays nutritions where:


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