Long time no post…

Sorry for not updating in a while. I have no good excuse for not writing the reports for you guys who have a bit of a problem with Swedish. From today I will try to post daily on both blogs again.

I have started measuring my ketons in the blood. Several of us low cabers in Sweden have followed Jimmy’s example and got ourselves a good tool.

To my surprise I have really low levels of ketons and in the coming weeks I will try to increase the levels to the “optimum” of 1,5-3,0. My first test a couple of days ago showed me a value of only 0,5. This morning I was at 0,7.

The tips I have got is to reduce my protein and increase the fat even more. I have tried to be at 75% fat, 24% protein and 1% carbs. I will try to get to 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs for a couple of weeks to see if I can get into a true fetburning ketosis…

My weight has increased some during the summer and I “peaked” the other day at 89kg. It’s the highest weight in a very long time so something has to be done… True ketosis is the way to go I guess.

Today I started with a breakfast of two slices of low carb bread with thick slices of butter (total 50g). Really nice with the toasted bread and the butter.

For dinner I had some “aubergine-skagen” as a starter…

…and then a pork shop with wooked vegitables for main.

The nutritions for today ended up at:

I have also been experimenting with my bloodsugar levels and today I got some so called low carb things to test. I actually tried some of the chocolate and it was not very tasty. But I will have to endure for the “science”…



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4 Responses to Long time no post…

  1. Glad to see you back Tommy! How do you cook your pork chops? Your food always looks so tasty!

    • Tommy says:


      The are just fried in butter on medium heat. Salt and black pepper as seasoning. Plain and simple… I use the “upper part” of the pork loin. Not sure what the part is called in English. It’s the same part as the Entrecôte on a cow… 🙂


  2. Rhys says:

    Is that low carb bread homemade or store bought? If homemade, can you share the recipe?
    Thanks, Tommy! Your website has been so helpful.