Victory for LCHF

Today there was a lot of buzz after a medical report was published. The report said that LCHF is the best way to lose weight. The report also said there is no evidence for LCHF being “dangerous”. A true win for LCHF!

I was in Stockholm over the day and one of the meetings was canceled so I tried to take another train home… The “earlier” train left Stockholm 30 minutes after my original train, over 90 minutes late…

The lunch at the meeting was salad.

13 0923-TommyTappar -20130923-00295IMG_3616

For dinner when I got home was pork chop and a nice butter seasoned with a lot of herbs and pepper.

13 0923-TommyTappar -20130923-00304IMG_3625

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-09-23 kl. 22.49.37


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