Swedish media

I do not comment on the Swedish media but now I have to. One of the major “tabloids” have interviewed a lady who claims she got stroke from LCHF. The only “proof” of LCHF causing the stroke is that the lady her self thinks it was the diet who finally caused her the stroke. A stressful workload at work “could be” part of it but the diet was the “trigger”. Yea right…

This will most probably be a “talkie” at the LCHF camping in Säffle this weekend.

Speaking of the Camping…

— today I prepared the food I am going to bring for the NNQ:s in the evenings. I will bring pre cooked chicken so that I will be less dependent on the BBQ. I can sneak in the chicken on the side just to warm it and if needed I can eat it cold.

For todays dinner I had salmon with Skagen. Simple and tasty.

The nutritions including some cheese and sausage was:



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2 Responses to Swedish media

  1. Elwin Ransom says:

    Gosh Tommy, I hope you didn’t get lost camping. I miss your updates!

    • Tommy says:

      Today I finally posted again. I will not let you wait for so long again… 🙂