Lamb is really nice

I have been thinging about a dish a while and today I tried it. I really like lamb and one f the stores I occasionally shop at almost always have minced lamb. Since I bought a lot of cabbage the other day it was time to try the dish. It was quite ok but I need to tewak it a bit more.

I fried the minced lambs in a pan and seasoned with salt, chili, cumin and some othe spices to get a tex-mex feeling to the meat. Then I added some cabbage fried in butter to the meat and topped the dish of with a nice guacamole made of 1dl of mayo, garlic and a mushed avocado.

13 0831-TommyTappar -20130831-00004IMG_3427

It was nice bug can get better. I did not season the meat enough so next time I need to get it a bit hotter. It looks a bit “dull” too…

The intakes after some cheese was. (it was a lot of meat in the dish, almost 500g so thats why the proteins are a bit high again.

Skärmavbild 2013-08-31 kl. 22.20.16


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