40 year old brother

Today my brother turns 40. Two years after me… 🙂

We do not normally go out for dinner in the middle of a week but today we went to a really nice place in the town where my brother lives. It’s a restaurant with a quite clear meat focus.

The pictures are not the best. It was quite dark in the restaurant.

For starter I wanted some cheese. I got almost more crackers and jam than cheese. The cheese that I got was nice.

13 0829-TommyTappar -20130829-00003IMG_3409

For main we and my brother shared a 800g rib-eye steak.

13 0829-TommyTappar -20130829-00008IMG_3414

The meat was perfect. Both cooked to a perfect “rarity” and well seasoned.

I had a nice salad and sauce béarnaise as sides.

13 0829-TommyTappar -20130829-00007IMG_3413


When I got home I ate some cheese so the intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-08-29 kl. 21.28.22


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