I might end up in the paper again. One of the biggest “tabloids” (I like to call them tabloids even thou they might not like it…) weill have a short thing on me and my Swedish blog. I got interviewed over phone last sunday and I have now seen the text. It looks quite ok.

Today I tried the third recipe for the magazine. A Meatloaf that turned out better than expected. Minced pork, feta cheese and bacon.

13 0827-TommyTappar -20130827-00012_MG_6591

To the loaf I had broccoli and a butter with olives and lemon juice.

13 0827-TommyTappar -20130827-00036_MG_6615

I ate quite a lot of cheese during the preparation (both feta and some blue cheese) so the intakes got quite high.

Skärmavbild 2013-08-27 kl. 22.40.30



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