Low Carbonara

I am working on my keynote presentation for the LCHF gathering in Säffle this weekend. One part of the presentation is about what I ate before I started with LCHF compared to what I might eat today. One of the dishes I discuss in the presentation is Spaghetti Carbonara (one of my favorite pasta dishes). The Low Carb version is made with lost the same ingredients:

2 Egg yokes
140g Bacon
Black pepper
75g graded Parmesan cheese

The pasta is replaced with 150g of steamed cauliflower.

Maybe a little to little fat, but I also had some baby bels and since I ate quite a lot yesterday this plate was enough for me.

In total the nutritions was:




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One Response to Low Carbonara

  1. Kent Altena says:

    I love Carbonara sauce — so quick and simple…