First real post with pictures

This is the first real post on my English blog. To learn more about me and this site please read under the “tabs “About Tommy” and “About the Site” etc.

My goal with this site is to describe what I eat every day. A lot of people needs inspiration to understand what Low Carb High Fat is really about and to manage to eat themselves to a better health.

Normally I do not eat lunch but today I followed a co-worker to the store to buy some food and their take-away salad looked really nice so I actually bought me some too. Nice ingredients to a good price. The salad I picked included shrimps, chicken, olives, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, avocado, broccoli and some ruccola-sallad.

For dinner I had leftovers from yesterday. It was a gratin of minced lamb, chorizo sausage, egg and a lot of cheddar cheese. Seasoned with taco spice mix and garlic. Really nice yesterday and even better today.

After dinner I had some kabanoss sausage and more cheese (yes, I do eat a lot of cheese).

I use a tool to calculate the energy % and some other stuff and every day I will show what was in the food I ate that specific day.

I know people on Low Carb diets always says there is no need for counting calories. I do get the number itself from the tool I use so I always put it on the blog. I do however never let my choice of food be infused of the calories. It’s just fun fact… The Skaldeman ratio is maybe new to all non-sweedes. Its really a relation between protein and fat. Skaldeman (Sten-Sture) says in his books this should be above 1.0 for good health and closer to or above 2.0 for “weightloss”. I am normally between 1.0 and 2,0. Rarely over 2.0 nowadays.

(please disregard the date in the picture above… I got it wrong…)


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8 Responses to First real post with pictures

  1. Kent Altena says:

    I had heard you talking about the Skaldeman ratio on the cruise, but I finally got it with the numbers you posted. I do follow a somewhat similar guideline (65-30% Caloric Intake which is roughly equal to 1.1 – 1.2 as well). Most real cuts of meats (not the boneless, skinless, exceptionally lean ones) fall naturally within in this range, so it’s natural to eat this way. Great new blog, Tommy! I look forward to seeing your meals.

  2. Tommy says:

    Thanks, I will try to expand the meals and start putting more pictures and other info up later.

    Reagrding the Skaldeman Ratio its the relation between Protein and fat.

    If you eat 100g of fat, 80g of protein and 20g of carbs the ratio is 1,0. 100/(80+20)=1. So you divide the fat with the total of the carbs and protein.

    If you eat 140g of fat, 55g of protein and 5g of carbs the ratio is 2,33. 140/(55+5)=2,33.

    Not a scientific proven number but Sten-Stures experience with a lot of years coaching tells him that a ratio of above 1 is better than a ratio of below 1 for weight loss. To be honest I have not really looked at this in my statistics since I almost always have been above 1… I will start digging into all my numbers later this year to try to find correlations between ratio, E%, (and calories). Not sure how to do it yet…


    • Kent Altena says:

      Ok, now I understand; I didn’t add the carbs into my original equation. As a general guide, here might be an average day for me:
      145g Fat = 1305 Calories (67% of Total)
      130g Protein = 520 Calories (27%)
      20g Total Carbs = 100 Calories (6%)
      Total 295g = 1925 Calories (or a Skaldeman number of .967)

      I probably eat more protein than you do or advocate, but it’s close to being in line with your maintaining figure. I know trying to teach people the 65-30-5 Caloric ratio is sometimes difficult, but perhaps the Skaldeman might be an easier method to teach. So when losing weight, Sten recommends 2.0 number? Do you find your Calories go up, down, or stay the same as your Skaldeman number goes higher?

      • Tommy says:

        Hmm, I have not really looked at the calories vs skaldeman. My gut feeling is that I was less calories when on high skaldeman. But I have to check my data. I collect the calories but I don’t “care” about the numbers so I have not really looks at it this way.

        Sten recommends higher ratio for weight loss. If you have a minor overweight at 10-20 lb 0,8 to 1,2 might be “enough”. If you have an overweight at 100 lb you will get better results closer to 2.0 or even higher. It is “hard” to eat food over 2,0… You get full quite fast…


  3. carlos says:

    does it mean if i eat foods with ratio 1.5 or so, like cream cheese or sour cream i will achieve weight loss??

    the higher the ratio, the hungrier u will be.

    • Tommy says:

      I would say the higher the ratio the less hungry you will be. Less carbs and more fat makes me un-hungry longer.


  4. Shalini says:

    Hi there,
    I just started the hflc diet and a bit confused with the high fat portion.
    Do I just add the amount of fat I’m consuming by looking at the nutrition label?
    How do I know for certain if I’m eating 80% fat? Is there an easy way of keeping track of this?
    Please help

    • Tommy says:

      Hard to give a clear answer on how to reach 80% but try to get an app or good calculator on the web and do som “calibration” with what you eat a couple of days.