How to see Grand Canyon?

I am struggling with deciding what Grand Canyon tour I will take in November. It’s gonna be one with a helicopter but there are so many of them… Any tips? The budget is below 500 USD

The dinner tonight was a really nice duck. I have not bought duck in a long time but that will have to change. Really fat and moist meat. To the duck I had a butter seasoned with pepper, olive oil and some chili.

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During the afternoon I had a couple of sausages and a lot of cheese again so the intakes went quite high.

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2 Responses to How to see Grand Canyon?

  1. we took a small plane from vegas, but the flight was aweful so we took the bus for the backtour

    • Tommy says:

      Aha, ok. I looked at the planes but I have never been in a helicopter so for that reason it looks more interesting than the plane. Good thing I opted that away then…