Cruise or no cruise…

This week the announcement for the 2013 Low Carb Cruise was released. I really want to go next year but there are some things “against” going… Finances, LinCon (gaming convention at the same time) and workload and timing related to work. I do not really like the ports we are going to next year so that mitt also have some impact on my decision.

Today packed the celery butter i mentioned yesterday and I promised the recipe so here it is:

1000g of room tempered butter (Smör=Butter in Swedish…)
150g of celery
2 tsp of celery salt

First I chopped the celery…

…then I “blanched” it in some butter just enough to soften it a bit.

Then I mixed all together with the celery salt and made a square “box”.

After cooling it in the fridge I cut the butter into dices to be put in the freezer.

For dinner I had pork chops, celery butter and steamed broccoli.

During the day I also had some ham and the rest of the chocolate from yesterday so the nutritions went to:



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