Failed omelette

Today I ate at different times than I normally do. I left work a bit early to go to the gaming store to paint some miniatres and catch a game or two. So when I got home early (at 2.15PM) I made the “dinner”. Today I tried doing something different with my minced meat. I failed… It was really tasty but it looks wors than everything else I do… I tried to make an omelette of 2 eggs and the meat. I fried the meat in a pan and when it was done I added two eggs and tried to mek it an omelett. As you can see in the picture it did not really work out that well…

13 0724-TommyTappar -20130724-00004IMG_3116

On top of the “omelette” I put some butter to get the fat up a bit.


After the gaming I was a bit hungry so I stopped by the store an got me some cheese… The intakes was.

Skärmavbild 2013-07-24 kl. 20.57.50


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