Almost there

Ok, now the first step towards a wrinting vacation is taken. I have confirmation from my manager it’s ok for me to be off the weeks I want. Now I only have to recalculate my budget to see if I can afford it. I have almost 100% decided it’s gonna be Vegas so in theory I can actually come home with more money than I had when I left…Well not maybe in theory since the odds always is on the house. But I will probably try to play some poker even thou it’s been some time since I played. It is really cheap with hotel in Vegas in November and if you plan the weekends good it get’s even cheaper.

The dinner today was a couple of burgers, broccoli and butter. To be honest I am getting a bit bored of the burgers and once the freezer is clear of them I will buy “whole” meat again.

13 0723-TommyTappar -20130723-00002IMG_3109

The intakes today was

Skärmavbild 2013-07-23 kl. 20.43.46


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5 Responses to Almost there

  1. Brian and Terri says:

    What is that stuff that looks like mashed potato on your burger pic Tommy?

  2. Brian and Terri says:


  3. Brian and Terri says:

    Just had another thought. Although you say it is butter, it does not look like ordinary butter from a pack. So, what is actually in it please?

  4. Brian and Terri says:

    There looks to be more in that than butter and herbs. Are you sure there is nothing else Tommy?

    Bri and Tez